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On the Beach
In 963, it is one year after World War III has blanketed the Northern Hemisphere with atomic radiation. In Melbourne, Australia, supplies of nearly every import are short. No one drives private cars, though the electric trains are running. Australia has plenty of coal. In the year following the war, Lt. Peter Holms of the Australian Navy gets an assignment, his first in seven months. He is to join an American nuclear submarine, The Scorpion, on a run to...
Ruined City
Henry Warren's success in banking is at least partly the result of his careful assessment of the risks of investments and his single-minded pursuit of profit. He doesn't undertake risky loans, especially during the depression. When a town near London, his bank's home city, seeks a loan to develop land that could provide needed jobs for its citizens, he refuses. Warren's life begins to unravel. He separates from his wife. He is unable to sleep. His gruel...
Stephen Morris
Shortly after World War I, aviation has reached a hiatus in England. The novelty of civilian flight has worn off. Passenger travel in the small planes of the era is neither feasible nor profitable. In this world, Stephen Morris is one of many pilots trying to earn a living in an industry that can't accommodate them all. Stephen has one advantage over most of them, a degree in mathematics. A fortuitous meeting with aircraft designer C. G. H. Rawdon leads...