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The Canary Trainer
Meyer continues his wonderful extension of the Sherlock Holmes story with this imagination of Holmes' "Lost Years," when he was supposedly murdered by Prof. Moriarty. It offers Meyer's usual mix of fictional and historical figures, including the author of "The Phantom of the Opera," who looms large in this book. Watson is not present for much of it, and the book does suffer for that. But the mystery: who is killing those associated with the opera wher...
The Seven-Per-Cent Solution
An interesting premise has Sherlock Holmes long-time partner in crime fighting Dr. John Watson delaying the publication of their last adventure for ten years until the great detective and an anonymous third party have passed away in the 1930's. The story tells how Holmes has become addicted to cocaine. Watson, along with Holme's corpulent brother Mycroft, deceived him into following the trail of his supposedly sinister arch mimesis Professor Moriarty. ...