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Putnam, August 2004, 19.95, 320 pp. ISBN 0399151869 Humanity and the other primates are on the verge of extinction. The bioengineered weapon Black EP caused the deaths of all the humans on Earth but all was not lost. The scientists of Gedaechthis genetically engineered humans with unbelievable immune systems and since nobody was left alive to care for them they were raised in Immersiveve Virtual Reality. Six of these children survived all carr...
An eighteen-year-old boy, a rebel who questions everything including his parents, other students and his teachers, has no memory of who he is, where he is or why he's there. He does remember his friend, Lazarus, and that he had killed him but he cannot remember the how or the why he has done such a dastardly crime. At Idewild, the school of the future, he discovers that his name is "Halloween", the master of the school is "Maestro" and that he has ten fr...