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The Fool's Tale (Romance)
Morrow, Jan 2005, 25.95 ISBN: 0060721502 In 1198 Wales is a chaotic country divided into four separate principalities with neighbors coveting and quarreling. One of the rulers, Maelgwyn “Noble” ap Cadwallon struggles to keep his crown with the English and his Welsh peers assuming he is too young, inexperienced and an easy mark. The Norman killed Noble's father in one attack; the lad survived due to the fast thinking of a lowlife friend named Gw...
The Fool's Tale (Literature)
Noble and Gwirion have ties that bind them despite their social standing- Noble is to be King and Gwirion is but the court's jester. An event early in the novel when both of them are mere boys sets up this relationship and the obligations that these two men feel for each other. When Noble takes a wife for more political gain than anything else, the dynamic between Noble and Gwirion changes dramatically. The new Queen is a challenge to Gwirion throu...