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A Fistful Of Sky
In the LaZelle family, the transition into magic is more difficult the older you are. Twenty-year-old Gypsum LaZelle has already resigned herself to living a normal, ungifted life, unlike her four siblings, who transitioned as teenagers. But when Gypsum falls ill one weekend and finally transitions, her power turns out to be a dark power, the power to curse people and things. This book explores the ways Gypsum chooses to use her power among her close-kni...
A Red Heart of Memories
Matt (Matilda) Black has been drifting from town to town, away from home, polite society, and her past, when she meets Edmund, a witch who has a bit of an identity problem. Edmund has been wandering as well, and can't remember his own past. Matt uses her magical gift of speaking with inanimate objects to make friends with a ghost of a haunted house, an old friend of Edmund's who starts Edmund and Matt on the journey to recover Edmund's lost memories....
Past The Size Of Dreaming
Ace, Mar 2001, 21.95, 336 pp. ISBN: 044106802X Thanks to Matilda “Matt” Black, a witch with the ability to talk with inanimate objects and see into people's dreams, Edmond has regained his memory. Edmund, a passable witch, and Matt go back to House, a living entity, to see their old friend Nathan the ghost. Obtaining House's blessing, Edmund also brings his childhood friends there for a visit. Most people on intimate terms with House...