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Bad Chemistry
Wendy Fowler was a top-notch research chemist, and the only woman in the Chemistry department at her Cambridge University. Her dedication to her work resulted in discoveries which would justify the funds which she received from her research fellowship. Her only interest, aside from her research, was her volunteer participation in the Pregnancy Information Service, a counseling service for unwed mothers. Then Wendy was found murdered in the Chemistry buil...
Hot Pursuit
Poisoned Pen, Apr 2002, 24.95, 327 pp. ISBN: 1590580141 Still grieving her mother's death and needing to reinvent herself, Professor Gillian Adams relocates from Vancouver to London to move in with her long time, long distance lover police officer Edward Gisborne. Though when she decided to cross the ocean, Gillian thought she made the right decision, but now Monday quarterbacking herself she feels lost, overwhelmed, and displaced. Gi...