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Adrian falls for the daughter of his son's killer. Everyone thinks they know Adrian. He has a house and he always has weed. Blazed is how he lives but he doesn't like it. He's trying to find his way back to a sense of normalcy. His nephew Ashton was killed by a drunk driver. The pain he and his sister Angel live with hasn't gotten easier in the four years since a two-year-old they adored was suddenly snatched away. In addition, he hasn't been able to ge...
Searching for Beautiful
Brynn is having a hard time dealing with her mother death and because of that she found herself alone. Brynn 16 year old adopted girl who is going through very bad period in her life. Her adoptive mother suddenly died and because she was having hard time dealing with her mother's death she started to distance herself from her two best friends and she stopped to do the pottery. She broke up with her boyfriend only to find a new one, Jason. Soon she found ...