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Ephame's Choice
Luna, Dec 2004, 13.95, 400 pp. ISBN: 0373802137 Ephame is the offspring of a mating between a human and a centaur; from the waist up she is human, but from the waist down she is covered with brown hair and has hoofs. Her genes make her stronger and faster than her human counterparts. Although she loves her mother, she needs to make a life for herself. She intends to return Castle MacCallan to its former glory and become the new clan chieftain....
Goddess of the Sea
P. C. Cast Berkley, Oct 2003, 5.99, 368pp. ISBN: 0425192792 Ironic as it seems Air Force Staff Sergeant Christine “CC” Canady hates to fly. So her current assignment taking her from Tinker AFB, Oklahoma on a ninety-day tour in Riyadh is not one she looks forward too. However, her fears prove accurate this time as the plane crashes into the water. Instead of drowning, Undine a mermaid saves her life. When they kiss, they switch places. Undin...