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Broken Blossoms
Leisure, Apr 2003 ISBN: 0843951761 In 1895 San Francisco Judge Chandler forces Trig Mathison to find and return to him his daughter Carleigh, who ran to Mexico to meet the mother she thought dead. Trig wants to say no, but Chandler holds the aces. Chandler will pay Trig and more important see that the phony murder rap is dropped. If Trig fails to return with Carleigh, Chandler plans to retaliate by harming his father. Trig believes the viciou...
Hannah's Vow
Leisure, Apr 2002, 5.99, 353 pp. ISBN: 0843949864 In 1895, hatred and vengeance are the only things keeping Quinn Landry alive after four years with a lifetime to go as a guest of the New Mexico Territorial Prison. Any time he drifts back to the betrayal that led to his current incarceration Quinn feels rage that has no outlet at this time, but his goal of a future escape and retaliation keeps him breathing. Because of the numerous unaccounte...