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Beach Music
Beach Music is a wonderful journey of one man's struggle to cope with the sadness of living. After losing his wife, the main character choses to take his daughter and live in a foreign country, vowing never to return to his old life. Due to unforeseen circumstances, he returns home and begins to accept the mistakes of his relatives and friends, after a period of enlightenment. With this new outlook he learns lessons in life, love and forgiving. ...
The Prince of Tides
Lila Wingo is the beautiful, proud matriarch. Abused by her husband,she is the sweet and steely woman with social aspirations so great she is willing to sell her kids down the river to achieve them Henry Wingo was the cruel patriarch in the family. Shrimper, schemer, and loser, he is a man who will beat his sons to teach them not to cry. Later, he strives to make peace with his family. Luke was the older son in the book. He was a Vietnam veteran, a...