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Adventures In Time And Space With Max Merriwell
Tor, Nov 2001, 24.95, 288 pp. ISBN: 0312866437 Susan Galina is having a difficult time of it as the California librarian lost her job at about the same time her divorce became final. Winning first prize in a contest keeps Susan from falling into a depression. Susan and a friend will travel on a cruise from New York to Bermuda and the Azores before debarking in England. Also on the luxury liner is famous author Max Merriwell, who uses...
When Nadya and her family's secret is betrayed by her lover, Nadya must leave behind her home in Missouri and travel to California, where a lone werewolf can have an undisturbed life....
The City, Not Long After
A generation before the beginning of the book, peace activists unwittingly released a plague that destroyed most of humanity. In San Francisco a sparse population of artists, bookworms, and other free thinkers and outsiders live on in a nearly empty city pursuing their interests and artistic passions with little concern for the outside world. Meanwhile in Sacramento, a more active group led by a man who calls himself General 'Four Star' Miles is seeki...