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Hush, It's a Game
A young girl (around age 5) is caught up in a murder in which a man kills her babysitter without knowing the girl is in the house. She ends up being locked in the kitchen for days, and it is up to everyone outside the building to figure out why there's a little girl waving above from the window....
The Running Woman
Carol Zamia was drowned at the Larapinta Bridge. A woman in white was supposedly seen running away from the scene of the crime and everyone thinks that this person is the missing link to who killed the girl. Gabriel Endicott is the accused that the moronic police and whole town believe that did this murder and she is out to clear her name with the help of her cousin and friend Phil Sturt....
Who Are You, Linda Condrick?
Soho, 2002, 12.00, 190 pp. ISBN: 1569472580 In the Australian Outback, once the fire was put out the mystery began as the body of a drifter is found amidst the ashes. The victim did not die from the fire, but instead appears to have been murdered. The last person known to speak to this “swagger” is Nurse Linda Condrick, who recently arrived to care for the Leumeah Valley Sheep Station's aging matriarch, Ella Forst. Those residing at the statio...