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A Suitable Father
Kurt Rainer left his hometown with a bad reputation and bitterness in his heart. After twelve years he's back—and involved in a murder. He never was a suitable father for a boy, and even less so now. Maggie wants passion and integrity, strength and independence. Can she find these qualities in the man who once abandoned her? BRIDGES gave A SUITABLE FATHER a Platinum review: "A tantalizing weave of love, adventure and deception... renders the reader ...
Beloved Stranger
Sarah MacMillan just wanted to forget. To forget that she worked for an antiques firm that was laundering money, forget that her ex-boyfriend had left the country so he wouldn't be convicted of drug charges, forget that she didn't really have enough money to renovate the house she purchased. She loved the house in Harrison Corners, a small town in the Ontario woods and was determined to fix up the small lakeside cabin for her brother, Michael, who was pa...
Journey's End
Journey's End culminates in lovers' meeting after a wild ride through time. Can a doctor from the twentieth century find love and happiness with a maverick historian from the future when they meet in Tudor England? Fourstars from Sime-Gen: "fun and entertaining from start to finish." Available from