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The Name of the Wind
This is a coming of age story of the powerful mage Kvothe, which also tells the truth behind the legend that will grow in later books in the Kingkiller Chronicles. The Name of the Wind is Patrick Rothfuss' debut novel, and it is a very solid debut for a heroic fantasy. I am not a fan due to the theatrical writing and the predictable plot and shallow characters, but I think it is still a solid debut and worth reviewing. This novel is divided into two s...
The Wise Man's Fear
As in The Name of the Wind, the preceding novel, this book follows a two-story structure. The frame story consists of Kvothe, his friend Bast, and a storyteller known as the Chronicler who is recording Kvothe's tale. In this book, as in the previous book, Bast is concerned that Kvothe has been very apathetic, and wants to shake him out of his apathy. In the previous book he tries to enlist the Chronicler's help in this by urging him to ask about Kvothe's...