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Charles Dickens was born in 1812. His childhood was marred by his father's extravagance and carelessness with money, which eventually landed him in debtor's prison. The young Dickens was forced to work in a Blacking factory pasting labels on the bottles. He describes this experience in “David Copperfield.” When he grew older he learned shot hand and became a parliamentary reporter. He published some sketches under the name of Boz. Their success led...
The Trial of Elizabeth Cree
John Cree tells us his step by step drama which involves the serial killings in Limehouse during the 1980's. Elizabeth Cree's trial is written in dramatic form and the progress of other characters and how they relate to the tale are told in the third person. Ackroyd places John Cree in the reading room of the British Museum alongside characters like George Gissing and Karl Marx. ...