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Ghost of a Chance
Speck, Feb 2004, 14.00, 282 pp. ISBN: 0972577688 Weekly editor Bridget Frost commissioned reporter Nick Madrid to write a story after spending a night being haunted near Ashcombe Manor in Sussex; Nick figures that the modern day druids and loonies haunt the manor, which was converted into a new age conference centre. Nick visits the nearby graveyard and finds one of the dead is hanging upside down from a tree. He calls the police who like ev...
No Laughing Matter
Speck Press, Nov 2004, 13.00, 277 pp. ISBN: 0972577645 Bridget, Frank and Nick fly from England to Montreal to cover the Just for Laughs Festival for different newspapers. While Nick is tied up in a yoga position, he sees a young woman flash past his hotel room window. He concludes she is a jumper who he later learns was Cissy Parker, a movie starlet. The police rule it an accidental death due to drugs, but Nick has doubts when Frank mentions ...