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Behemoth: B-Max
Tor, Jul 2004, 24.95, 300 pp. ISBN: 0765307219 Five years have passed since a vengeful cyborg Lenie Clarke released Behemoth on the world destroying everything in it path as the microbe is eating up matter. Digital monsters add to the devastation using Clarke as a rallying cry to devastate survivors through what is left of the Internet. Meltdown cults dedicated to Clarke pledge mass suicide as they rule alongside deadly war lords on the surface...
Behemoth: Seppuku
Tor, Jan 2005, 25.95, 384 pp. ISBN 076531720 Five years ago amphibious cyborg Lenie Clarke unleashed the microbe Behemoth on an unsuspecting world, killing ten million in North America. Lenni and her fellow cyborgs escape the devastation in the ocean depths and are at war with the VIP's who fled to the underwater city of Atlantis. The people of Atlantis and cyborgs make peace when Behemoth finds its way into the underwater city. For the first ...
Lenie Clarke takes a job in a rift at the bottom of the ocean. She, along with the other "rifters," who happen to be trama survivors, gets machinery implanted to make them amphibious. Living in such harsh conditions with a bunch of headcases causes lots of tension sexual and otherwise. As the rifters cope, a women named Patricia Rowan is studying the death and escape of a rifter. Then it is learned that a primordial live-form known as Behemoth was livi...