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Secret of the Missing Footprint
12 year old Marcie Sawyer is left in the care of her aunt and uncle while her parents travel in Europe for six to ten months. She feels abandoned and is very bitter not only toward her parents, but toward her aunt and uncle too. Soon after her arrival at her aunt and uncle's home, Marcie meets a neighbor her own age, Timothy Rainbow. He is a troubled boy who struggles with anger and an inclination for feeling sorry for himself. In spite of his abrasi...
The Quicksilver Pool
Lora is newly married to Wade Tyler, and has gone to live with him in his mother's home. Wade and Lora met when he was shot in the Civil War on the street right outside her father's house. Her father ran out to get him and was shot as well. Lora nursed Wade back to health, and Wade asked her to marry him. Wade had recently lost his first wife in a tragic accident and was lonely. In fact, that was why he joined the war as a soldier he didn't care w...
Winter People
A frustrated artists marries a beautiful young woman and takes her to his family's wintry home where he intends to use her as his model. Unprepared for the jealousy and hostility she encounters there, the new bride soon finds herself in danger, while her husband is pulled back into rivalry with his artistic twin sister....