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I Am Number Four
John Smith is an alien. He is not just an alien, but he's one of the last nine aliens left of his planet. Together with his guardian, Henri, he must hide from the aliens hunting them, the Mogadorians, until he finishes growing up. John Smith is not the real name of the teenager arriving to the small town Paradise in Ohio. In fact, he does not have a name - he is simply Number Four. A few years prior to the book's beginning, a huge battle between Four's p...
The Power of Six - Lorien Legacies 2
After the big battle in his high school in Paradise, Ohio, and the death of his guardian and mentor, Henri, alien Four (or John Smith) leaves the town with his best friend, human Sam, number Six, who had recently found them, and his dog, who is also an alien. Together they set out to find more aliens from their planet - numbers Five, Seven, Eight and Nine, the only ones left. On the other side of the world, in Spain, Marina, who is, in fact, number Seve...
The Rise of Nine
John Smith, who is in fact an alien, must find the other aliens from his planet hiding on Earth in order to defeat the Mogadorians, the aliens chasing them. John Smith could have been considered as an ordinary boy - except he's not. He's an alien from another planet, which was destroyed by a different kind of aliens, the Mogadorians. John (Four), along with nine other children and ten guardians, was sent to Earth in order to be hidden from the Mogadorian...