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Tyrant of the Mind
Poisoned Pen, Dec 2004, 22.95 403 pp. ISBN 1590581423 Eleanor of Wynethorpe, the prioress of Tyndale in East Anglia, is summoned home because her young nephew Richard is very ill. Accompanying her is the renowned healer Sister Anne and Thomas, a monk who was forced into the church by a fanatical bishop. Visiting the castle are Sir Geoffrey, his wife Isabella, his son Henry, and his daughter Julianna who are negotiating the marriage of Lord Adam...
Wine of Violence
Poisoned Pen Press, Dec 2003, 24.95, 248 pp. ISBN 1590580885 In the civil war between King Henry III and Simon de Montfort, Eleanor of Wynethorpe's family sided with the king. Eleanor's brother is a close friend of Prince Edward and her mother is a dear friend of the queen. As a reward for loyal service to the crown, Eleanor is appointed prioress of Tyndale Priory. This political reward is resented by the sisters and monks who reside there. N...