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Siren Song
Forge, Jul 2003, 25.95, 367 pp. ISBN: 0312869282 Before catching his plane in the morning to go to his winter vacation home in Jamaica, Ian Fleming attends a New Year's Eve Party in London. There he finds himself attracted to journalist Nora Blair DeYoung. However, his efforts towards an evening of delightful romance before hopping his plane fail. Before boarding his plane, two British intelligence agents order Ian, a World War II naval inte...
The Scottish Ploy
The Brotherhood is an international organization consisting of powerful and clever individuals who want to overthrow the governments of Europe. Once they achieve that first step, they plan to follow up by taking charge and becoming a global force. The targeted governments know the goal of the Brotherhood and try to counter their enemy's moves through dedicated people working behind the scenes. No one detests the Brotherhood more than Mycroft...