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Captain Blood
Peter Blood, after years of adventuring as a soldier, has now decided to retire and be a physician in the English countryside. Unfortunately, a rebellion breaks out in the area again King James. Blood wants nothing to do with the rebellion, but when a friend is wounded in the fighting, Blood feels it his duty as a physician to help the man. While performing surgery on the rebel friend, though, the king's forces appear and take all of them into captivity....
The Sea Hawk
In the book The Sea Hawk Rafel Sabatini has written the story of a reluctant pirate. The story begins with the young Sir Oliver who belongs to the Tressilian family, a family which has a reputation for hot tempers and for morals that could be described as relaxed. Oliver is aware of his tendency to anger quickly and he is trying to curb that weakness. His motivation for that is his love with Rosamund Goldolphin. The Godolophins are both neighbours an...