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Castle of Wisdom
This book is an interesting example of the power of the internet and simple word of mouth to sell a book that would otherwise probably get slight results. It has sold out its first two print runs in the US, and is also selling in the UK. There are plans for the book to be translated into Korean and Japanese. The author is from Alabama, and the idea for this, his first book, came to him in a dream. As a spiritual allegory, a search for enlightenment ro...
The Wisdom of Shepherds
The story begins as the main character, Old Caleb, a wise shepherd, approaches his Christmas cottage, a shelter he had inhabited perennially every winter. As he approaches, he hears the most beautiful singing he had ever heard - coming from his cottage. The voice winds up belonging to Clara, the four year old daughter of Susan, a maid who worked for the mayor of a nearby town. The pair had moved into Caleb's cottage about two months ago. As it turns out,...