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Just Toying Around
Meg Sugerbaker is a pastry chef who is also an online sex toy critic named 'Desiree Moon'. Nick Devereau's brother makes sex toys that Desiree has giving bad reviews. His brother has convinced conservative Nick to seduce Desiree during a sex toy convention and prove she is a fraud. Meg has decided that while she is here she will let her hair down and gain in experience what she makes up for in enthusisiam. When her boss sees them together he thinks Nick ...
The Player
US Army Ranger Jamie Flanagan and two buddies left the military after their last assignment turned ugly. All 3 of them live with some form of guilt over the outcome of the assignment where they lost one of their closest friends, but as Jamie was his “buddy” for this assignment none seem to be bottling it up more than he is. Jamie seems to be trying to see how many women he can bed and drop in less than 3 dates, as a means of not forming attachments. Due...