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A Brother's Journey
Richard Pelzer, after years of witnessing and even participating in the abuse fo his older brother, finds himself on the receiving end of physical, mental, and emotional abuse dealt out by his mother. Richard describes his role as his mother's informant during the abuse suffered by his brother, his dealings with guilt and confusion, self preservation and fear. When his brother no longer lives in the home, he shifts from predator to prey. Ric...
A Teenager's Journey
In 1980, after Richard's father dies, and David joins the service, the family move to Utah to get away from painful memories that the evil mother created. They pack their belongings, as they do so, Richard (the main person) starts drinking gin with his friends. I was sad to see that a kid could allow drugs in his life. He also starts using hard drugs, with the intention of killing himself. He also has a gun that one of his friends sold to him. He is a...