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From Charlie's Point Of View
Charlie is a blind teenager. He is lucky to have a friend like Bernadette beside him to lead him through his life. Now Charlie and Bernadette are changing schools, and are going into middle school. On the way to school, Bernadette spots a man in black running from the bank. She takes it to be her imagination, but does have a feeling that it is the legendary Stocking Bandit, who has been famous this year for all his bank robberies. In a sudden turn of ...
Ink Me
Bunny gets a tattoo to fulfill the terms of his grandfather's will and in the process inadvertently finds himself a part of a local gang where he unknowingly gets involved in gang-related activities that get him arrested. Bunny is a big and tough-looking teenage boy with a soft heart who just wants to enjoy his summer. When he and his family find out his grandfather has passed away, they all attend the reading of the will. In his will, Bunny's grandfathe...