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A Christmas Wish
Will Martin, 32-years old, is temporarily back in his hometown to take over the family real estate business in the wake of his grandfather's death the previous July. Will's grandparents raised him from the age of four when his parents died in a tragic car accident. He is dating Julia Welsch, a young, beautiful, social climbing woman. After Thanksgiving dinner, Will's beloved grandmother pulls out her late husband's daily journal and remarks he had bee...
The Christmas Quest
It is springtime and a year has passed since Will Martin married Renee Carr. He is attempting to track down her ex-husband Gary Carr as Martin wishes to adopt Renee's son Justin. Fearing that it may lead to disappointing the people he loves he decides to keep his objective to himself. He is unable to locate Carr in Paris at ETC, a multinational computer corporation where it was thought he was employed. At the same time Martin embarks on a large const...