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Blood Of Others
Zebra, Jun 2002, 6.99 ISBN: 0786012676 The murder shocks San Francisco as the dripping blood of the corpse stands on display in a wedding dress shop. The city is stunned and San Francisco Star reporter Tom Reed is assigned to investigate by his newspaper. The official head of investigation is homicide detective Walt Sydowski, who finds this murder eerily more brutal than most that he has seen in his numerous years on the force. Not long afte...
Cold Fear
Kensington, Jul 2001, 6.99, 480 pp. ISBN: 0786012668 The Baker family are San Francisco residents who go camping in an isolated part of Montana's Glacier National Park. However, Emily and Doug have a fight so she walks away to calm down. When their ten-year old daughter Paige tries to talk to her father while he is cutting wood, he hurts his hand because of the distraction. He yells at Paige to go to her mother. A frightened Paige leaves a...
No Way Back
Pinnacle, June 2003, 6.99, 456 pp. ISBN 078601528x He is a well-respected renowned Pulitzer Prize nominee, a reporter for the San Francisco Star who has come close to destroying his marriage because he got too close to the evil in his stories. Tom Read's wife Ann, a successful entrepreneur who owns several clothing stores in the San Francisco area, wants her husband to quit his job and he agrees to do it but when the editor asks him to do a lite...