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Ace, Jan 2005, 24.95, 528 pp. ISBN 041012418 In the year 2031, two events change the earth as we have known it. The sun moves into a different position and two rings made of photonic energy encircle the earth from the north to south poles and around the equator. The geography of the earth changed as land bases are torn apart and sent into a sea that is vastly depleted due to the rings. Billions die. By 2051, with food in short supply, much ...
Ace, March 2002, 22.95, 400 pp. ISBN 0441008992 In the not too distant future scientists such as Katie McGuire, her ex-husband Horst, and a few other technicians are working hard at the Sonomak project operational. If it works the world could have cold fusion power at their disposal. When it looks like federal funding will fall through, Horst calls in a block-ops agent to see if the military would be interested in funding the project. ...