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Another Fine Myth
In this book which is the first of the "Myth" series of books by Robert Asprin, we are introduced to Skeeve who is a budding thief learning magic from Garlak on the world of Klah. Skeeve's life is turned upside down when Garlak is assassinated and Skeeve is left facing a demon. As it happens, the Demon is not your typical demon and actually is Garlak's friend from another dimension. Aahz is from the dimension of Perv and is a master magician himself...ex...
No Phule Like an Old Phule
with Peter J. Heck Ace, Apr 2004, 7.99, 320 pp. ISBN: 0441011527 General Blitzkrieg hates Phule (AKA Captain Jester) and his Omega Company, soldiers who fail to heed any rules except their own. To make Phule's life miserable, Blitzkrieg sends the Alliance Ecological Interplanetary Observation Union (AEIOU) to “join” the Omega Company on Zenobia. The wily General hopes the two groups interact in a manner that will cause aggravation and stress to...
The Bug Wars
This book describes us how the reptile warrior race of Tzen fights a war agains a coalition of 4 different types of giant insect creatures. The characters are mostly flat and there's at some points a feeling that those reptiles are only humans in a reptile suit. Also, we don't know much about their homeworld, except that they live in a swamp enviroment (They call their world "The Black Swamps"), because none of the plot is actually happening there, but o...