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A Day No Pigs Would Die
Life on a Shaker farm in the early 1900's was a hardscrabble one, devoid of any frills and frequently lacking even the basic necessities. Robert Newton Peck lived such a life near a small Vermont town where his father barely managed to eke out a tenuous living from the land and by slaughtering hogs. When he was twelve years old, Robert saved a neighbors cow from choking and helped it deliver a set of twin bull calves. For this he was rewarded with a gift...
HarperCollins, Jun 2004, 16.99, 150 pp. ISBN: 0060529741 In 1933 Clemson and Melba Dockery accompanied by their nine years old son Tugwell drives from Moultrie, Georgia to Yazoo City, Florida, to visit his father on his birthday. Clemson tries to outrace a speeding train, but fails leaving nine years old Tugwell Dockery as the only survivor. His older sibling, eighteen years old Broda “Bro” Joe is in jail for running alcohol. His paternal gran...