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Lady Magdalen
Lady Magdalen tells the story of Magdalen Carnegie, a daughter in a powerful 17th century Scottish family. It opens just before she is married to James Graham, who becomes the Marquis of Montrose, considered one of the most charismatic men in Scottish history. The events and the details depicted follow what history knows about Montrose, but it looks at them from the view point of his wife from her young adulthood until her death. Magdalen is a serio...
The Cone Gatherers
The cone gatherers is a slightly depressing read with a negative mood created by the author. Basically there are two cone gatherers collecting tree cones to replace the trees felled by the warl. The main character Duror, the gamekeeper in the novel, has an obsessive nature and hates the cone gatherer Calum as he is deformed. Duror dislikes deformity of all kinds and believes that the cone gatherers have invaded his land and decides to have every...