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Escape Velocity
When her father has a stroke and must be hospitalized, Lou goes to live with her estranged authoress mother and learns that her mother had gone through a challenging time giving birth to her and that is the reason why she dumped Lou with her father and avoided contacting Lou for so many years. Lou is a quiet teenage who dreams of becoming a writer like her famous authoress mom. She doesn't really know her mom that well as she's been living with her dad m...
Hummingbird Heart
Dylan meets her birth father for the first time and must decide whether or not she wants to donate bone marrow to her newly discovered half-sister and also whether or not she still wants her father to be part of her life. Dylan is a young girl who is happy living with her mother and adopted sister but occasionally wonders about who her birth father is. Every year, she sends her birth father a photograph of herself and a letter, but she never receives any...
Dante joins a rebellious group of teenagers but when they plot a dangerous crime, she must find a way to extricate herself from these bad influences and, in the process, also help set the course of a friend's life back in the right direction. Dante is a tall angst-y teenage girl who likes to run and wishes she could move out of her small town where independent thinking is considered "attitude". She goes to Glen Ridge Secondary School which is a high scho...