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Fighting Back
Rocky Bleier, a physically marginal but emotionally and intellectually superior running back from Notre Dame is drafted first by the Pittsburgh Steelers and then -- by Uncle Sam. At war he nearly loses a foot to a grenade. This is the account of Rocky's "fight back" from having been told that he "might walk normally again with a lot of therapy" to playing on and running for the Pittsburgh Steelers, ultimately to a successful participation in the Super ...
Rocky Bleier Fighting Back
Rocky Bleier had a great football career going for him as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was then drafted into the Vietnam War, where he was injured by a grenade, and was told that he would never walk again. Instead of listening to what everyone told him, Rocky decided to beat all odds, and make it back to the NFL. It is the story of his fighting back from the injury, and his return to the National Football League....