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Second Bridegroom
This novel is part of a trilogy which was not written in chronological order. It is the story of an Australian convict who escapes after killing another convict. He joins a group of wandering aborigines, but when they burn the camp of a group of white settlers he is recaptured. The story is told in a letter written to the wife of his former master. As usual Hall's words paint a beautiful picture of Australia as it was in the nineteenth century and h...
The Grisly Wife
Catherine Byrne accompanies her pseudo-missionary husband and his followers (all women) to Australia. Muley Moloch is a preacher who leaves England determined to lead his group through the hardship of a shipwreck and disease. Rodney Hall introduces his readers to events in England on the sea journey and in the new country in the middle of the nineteenth century. Catherine tells the story of the trials and the appearance of strange apparitions which dri...