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A Fine Balance
A boy grows up in the northern mountains of India, well cared for. Events cause him to be sent to the city to become schooled. At the same time, 2 men from a rural, caste-structured area, are terrorized by the owner/bosses of the farm. Treatment of the people in the lower caste is appalling and fully described. The 2 men leave for the city to find a wife for the younger one. In the city, a woman has left her husband and doesn't want her father to find ...
Family Matters
"FAMILY MATTERS", a novel by Rohinton Mistry, published in NY, 2002, begins with the 79th birthday of its hero, Nariman Vakeel, who lives with his stepdaughter Coomy and her younger brother Jal in a roomy but decaying apartment in present-day Bombay. Vakeel, suffering from Parkinson's, breaks his leg in a fall, and Coomy, unwilling to take care of the bedridden patient, foists him off on to her younger sister Roxanne who lives with her husband and two yo...
Such a Long Journey
A citizen of Bombay, India, Gustad Noble struggles with a rebellious son who disappoints him, a wife influenced by superstition, a betrayal by his best friend and the loss through death of another good friend. He finds himself the unwilling participant in a dangerous government plot. He undertakes to be a protector of a retarded orphan living nearby. He faces all this while trying to be a responsible father and husband in order to live up to his ideal...