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Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton was born in St. Croix in 1755 or 1757. Hamilton's father abandoned the family and his mother died when he was 14. He was befriended by a wealthy gentlemen, who sent him to New York in 1773 to attend boarding school. He arrived just in time for the American Revolution. His teachers noticed that he was brilliant. By 1776, he was writing widely read pamphlets about the revolutionary cause. During the Revolutionary War, he served as Ge...
The Warburgs
This book traces the lives of one of the great German Jewish banking families from its beginnings through the end of the 20th century. The M. M. Warburg Bank was started in 1798 in Hamburg and flourished modestly through the 19th century under the guidance of one family member or another. At the end of the century control fell to Moritz Warburg and his 22 year old son Max. It was Max who built the banking company into a major economic force in German...