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Atticus Cody receives a phone call to tell him the devastating news that his son Scott has committed suicide in Mexico. Scott, an alcoholic, a druggie, and a former mental patient, had always been Atticus's difficult child, but nevertheless, Scott was the one whom Atticus most loved. Atticus, the conservative rancher, sets off to Mexico to attend the funeral and to retrieve the body of his son. Atticus is greeted in Mexico by Renata, Scott's sometime ...
Hitler's Niece
Hitler's Niece Ron Hansen Thorndike Large Print Basic Series, 1999, 532 pp. ISBN: 0-7862-2305-7 In this fictional novel, author Ron Hansen tells the story of Adolf Hitler's relationship with his niece Angelika Maria Raubal, or Geli as she was called. Geli was the daughter of Hitler's older half-sister, Angela who was married to Leo Raubal. Geli has been called the only woman that Hitler ever loved, but it was a strange type of love. Hitler was...
Isn't It Romantic?
This is the usually literary Hansen's foray into light romance. Natalie and Pierre, two Parisians, have long been engaged. Recently, however, each has been considering calling off the engagement. They are having difficulty seeing what they have in common with one another. She's a meek librarian, and he's a flashy man's man. Overwhelmed by the step they're about to take, Natalie impulsively takes off to America. She has long been a scholar of American cul...