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I, Elizabeth
This book is a fictional autobiography of Queen Elizabeth I, from her childhood to her years on the throne. She was such a strong figure, yet so naive and blind to others ambitions. It is a very detailed novel, with references to her leadership and military abilities, her sorry family life, and her dogged devotion to her supposed lover Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. I, Elizabeth strips the Queen to her bare bones so that you really get a feel for w...
Isolde, Queen of the Western Isle
The first of the Tristan and Isolde novels by Rosalind Miles. A retelling of the legendary Authurian love story of Sir Tristan of Lyonesse and Princess Isolde of Ireland. The Queen of Ireland (Isolde's mother) and Sir Marhaus (her lover) plan to take Cornwall from its ruler King Mark by force. Isolde, a healer and not a warrior, advises her mother not to challenge King Mark and to preserve peace between their two lands. Nevertheless, the Queen ignores...
The Maid of The White Hands
Ten years have past since the first book, for these ten years Tristan and Isolde have been lovers behind King Mark of Cornwall's back. Meanwhile, the old Queen of Ireland, Isolde's mother, is deathly ill and dies. Isolde becomes Queen of Ireland, but now she must fight with an evil knight called Breccan who intends to make himself King at all costs. Meanwhile while Isolde is in Ireland, Tristan, now King of Lyonesse and Champion of Cornwall must tra...