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Blue Remembered Hills
Rosemary Sutcliff, author of many famous children's historical novels, tells the story of her own childhood and young adulthood (up to the publication of her first book) in Blue Remembered Hills. Rosemary had juvenile arthritis; she spent a lot of time in orthopedic hospitals as a child, and she was, to varying degrees, handicapped all her life. This book is the story of how she lived with her disability and how she became a writer in a time when disab...
The Eagle of the Ninth
Marcus searches for the Ninth Legion's lost eagle in the the treacherous lands of Britain. When Marcus was a young child, his father, part of the cursed Ninth Legion, marched into the British moors and was swallowed by the mist.  He and the legion never returned.  Moreover, their standard with the eagle also disappeared.  A sacred symbol of pride and honor, the eagle was also feared to be a dangerous weapon in the enemy's hands. Fast-forwarding in tim...
The Sword and the Circle - Arthurian Trilogy 1
King Arthur takes over the kingdom of England and begins to destroy all barbarians and invaders. He restores justice throughout the land but his sister, Morgan La Fe is always trying to kill him. And his friend and head knight, Lancelot, falls in love with his wife, and in doing so betrays Arthur. This love leads to the eventual destruction of Arthur....