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The Fourth Durango
Dunne, Dec 2003, 13.95, 288 pp. ISBN: 0312315856 Already accused of taking a bribe that he never did, former State Judge Jack Adair hides in Durango, California, a place where people voluntarily vanish to when others want them silenced anyway they can. Durango accommodates its “tourist” trade. His world is already is a cesspool due to his family trials. His daughter is a guest of a mental hospital, his son-in-law is a disbarred attorney and hi...
Twilight at Mac's Place
Dunne, Dec 2003, 13.95, 320 pp. ISBN: 0312315848 Unofficial CIA fixer Steadfast Haynes dies of a heart attack. To the shock of his clandestine buddies, word is out that good old trustworthy Steady has done the unthinkable and written a memoir of his unrecognized covert operations. This tome that allegedly exposes many folks has been inherited by his son Granville. Everyone remotely involved with Steady wants possession of his book though the...