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French Twist
Pocket, Feb 2004, 6.00, 384 pp. ISBN: 0743477294 FBI Agent Tristan Stewart captures notorious art thief Nick Jarrett, ending the infamous career of the Scorpion. However instead of jail Nick cuts a deal to enable the Feds to capture bigger fish. When her mentor Dr. Garrow died in what has been ruled a suicide, UCLA art professor Dr. Janine Coulter takes over as the curator of a Versailles art exhibit he was to host. The focus is the three Po...
Tropical Getaway
Pocket, Feb 2003, 6.99 ISBN: 0743462769 For five years Ava Santori and her famous family of chefs awaited to hear from her estrange brother Marco, but nary a word came until now. They learn that Marco died as a Second Mate on the ill-fated Paradisio passenger ship that went down when it sailed into Hurricane Carlos. The grieving family wants to move past the incident. However, lawyer Grayson Boyd persuades Ana to come to the Caribbean Islan...