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Confessions of a Deathmaiden
Mysterious, Sep 2003, 23.95, 338 pp. ISBN: 0892967730 After receiving her diploma from the Institute for Eternal living, Frances Oliver joins the Society of Deathmaidens. She wants to help people die gracefully and with dignity when they are ready to cross over. In Los Angeles, Frances the Deathmaiden has come to help young Mexican Tomas Gomez die. Though the lad lies in a comatose state and is pronounced brain dead, Frances feels he is not re...
Good Morning, Darkness
Mysterious, Sep 2004, 23.95, 305 pp. ISBN: 0892968078 Anyone who knows Laura loves her; her admirers range from the Mexican fisherman to the police detective who teaches her self defense. However, no one cherishes Laura as much as Scott Goodsell does. The realtor awaits the right moment to propose to his beloved, but before he does she ends their relationship. Scott refuses to accept her no and stalks her until she obtains a restraining order....