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Almost A Cowboy
Almost A Cowboy by Ruth Jean Dale ISBN:0-373-25878-X 218 pgs It was supposed to be "women's only week" at the Keene's Bar-K Dude Ranch when one of the women's brothers, Simon Barnett, shows up. When his sister won't leave with him he decides to stay and sets his sights on Toni Keene. Toni wants a cowboy for a husband not some city slicker so Simon sets out to win her love by becoming the best cowboy he can. After they spend the night together and S...
Something About Ewe
Thalia Mitchell is returning to her hometown of Shepherd's Pass after her divorce. She is a very serious person, with a very clear plan for her future. That plan does not include Luke Dalton. Her one spontaneous act as a teenager was to try to seduce him, and it failed horribly. Now that Thalia is back in town, she is determined to ignore Luke at all costs. Luke, however, has different plans. He is determined to pick up where he and Thalia left off all ...
The Purrfect Man
Cat person Emily Patton has a general dislike of dogs and lawyers, which does not bode well for trendy lawyer Michael Forbes. Michael and Emily have known each other for almost their entire lives, but have never gotten along. Emily is toO tradional for Michael, and Michael is toO aloof for Emily's tastes. When they are out walking one night they find an abused puppy, and Michael insists that it is their duty to take care of the dog. He wants to keep it,...