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Blood For Blood
S. K. Rizzolo Poisoned Pen Press, May 2003, 24.95, 288 pp. ISBN 1590580540 Estranged from her father, who lives in Sicily and her husband, residing in Ireland, Penelope Wolfe takes a job as companion to Lady Julia Ashe in order to feed herself and her daughter. Living with the Ashes is Julia's father and other eccentric individuals. There are dark undercurrents surrounding Julia and her husband whose marriage was a business arrangement that turn...
The Rose In The Wheel
Poisoned Pen, Jan 2002, 24.95, 328 pp. ISBN: 189020885x In 1811, much of the city of London debate the merits of a central police force because of the rise in crime, especially homicides. The noise level is raised higher than ever when a coach apparently kills wealthy philanthropist Constance Tyrone. At the coroner's inquest, Bow St. detective John Chase points out that this is more than a simple hit and run murder of the founder of the St...