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Cherished Invader
Leah Barrentin is an elite agent for an interplanetary trading conglomerate. Her very special psychic abilities, which are invaluable to the organization she works for, have left her mentally isolated and physically exhausted. She is sent to the arid planet of Aransis to covertly end a civil war. It is there that her path crosses with Major Garth Treece. Treece has powerful mental abilities himself and the two of them go head-to-head in a battle that...
Savior in Time
Remala Picard-Moreau, Knight of the Order of Shaynvar, is sent to the year 976AD to rescue a small village from destruction. Coming to the aid of King Beravael, the stubborn Viking warrior quickly tricks Remala into a binding marriage, whittling down her resistance with exquisite finesse as she struggles desperately to fulfill her obligations in both centuries. ...