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A Grand Passion
Casey goes to Italy to try to forget her husband's tragic death. She doesn't mean to fall in love, but then she meets Alessandro, a soccer star. However, Alessandro's fans are against her, and life with a celebrity suddenly turns into a nightmare when she starts to get threatening phone calls and rocks thrown through her window. Worse still, when they make love for the first time a photographer snaps them through the window. Can she live under that...
Darla's Valentine
Darla is blackmailed into jumping out of a cake by her best friend. She thinks she'll be able to wiggle her butt, sing a little song and be out of there, but she ends up falling into the arms of handsome Jordan Severn, and falling right into love. But Jordan is engaged to be married, and his fiancée's father is his boss. Darla tries to stay away from Jordan, but it seems fate is playing cupid as they keep meeting in unusual places. This is a hilarious, s...
The Argentine Lover
Juan is a star polo player, and Rennie is the daughter of a manicurist. They know they are wrong for each other, but they fall in love anyway. When Rennie gets pregnant, Juan marries her, even though he doesn't love her. Rennie is determined to make him love her, and to make their marriage work. Set against the glittery world of high-goal polo, The Argentine Lover is about a woman's struggle to keep the man she loves. ...