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Going Home
Going Home tells the bittersweet tale of bi-racial love and violence. It touches on many of the problems afflicting society today: drugs, poverty, crime, lack of a clear sense of purpose and the widespread loss of religious values. John Bowden returns home following the mysterious death of his only brother. Pamela, an African-American who is a former schoolmate, greets him at the bus station and from that moment on, the two begin to form a close r...
I Love You
I Love You, is the romantic story of Linda. The story opens in the midst of a tropical storm. Linda is rescued from her storm threatened house by a young patrolman and taken to a shelter where, to the accompaniment of the battering wind and rain, they find themselves making love in the dark and deserted upper story of the building. Linda had left her husband some time back, taking her daughter with her. Her daughter Mildred, is now happily married, but L...