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The Mail Order Groom
Bantam, Jul 2002, 5.99, 336 pp. ISBN: 0553580507 In 1888 Silverwind, Colorado, the town's citizens are tired of males fighting over beautiful schoolteacher Melissa Grayson. The latest melee occurs as people go to church resulting in the mayor's son being shot by a ricocheting bullet that hit the church bell first. The townsfolk inform Melissa she either marry someone immediately or go to jail for attempted murder since she fired the shot that a...
The Outlaw Bride
Bantam, Dec 2000, 5.99, 278 pp. ISBN: 0553580477 Josie knows she owes everything to Dr. Annie, who saved the former?s life by adopting her when Josie was just another New York City pickpocket. After working in Dr. Annie?s clinic and studying law, Josie is now an attorney in the Wyoming Territory during a time when the only professional job a woman was allowed to hold was lying on her back. After being ambushed, outlaw Sims Callahan is...