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A Man in a Kilt
Miss Katherine Elizabeth Beth MacDougall Pudding has found that she might finally have a home of her dreams. She has inherited a castle in Scotland. But, for her to claim it she has to live there for 6 months. So what does any orphaned, single event planner from New York do? She packs up and moves into the castle. One of the things that everyone forgot to tell her is that the Castle is haunted, and by a hunk of a man that she catches glimpses of in...
A Rogue in a Kilt
Zebra, Dec 2004, 5.99 ISBN: 082177767X In 1410 Scotland, Duncan MacDougall bets his best friend Sir Angus MacDougall that the latter cannot find a wife in three months. If Angus succeeds Duncan will give him the keys to Donaliegh; if he fails he owes his pal six months in “knight” pay. To obtain a castle, Angus figures marriage is worth the price though he would prefer not to wed anyone. However, as the clock ticks, Angus soon learns ho...